Another Review Site?

Great, just what the Internet needs, another review site. We started because while there are a metric ton of review sites out there, how many of them are honest? How many of them really tell the story, use the item for more than ten minutes, drag it through the mud, see how long it lasts? You know, give you what you are looking for before you decide to spend your hard bananas?

While there are some good places that do this, there are a lot of places that fail miserably, give bad info, and are generally crap. This site was started because we have all been there, we have all read a review or an opinion that we though was honest, only to have the item turn out to be a disappointment or just flat out mis-represented.

Our committment is to give honest reviews. Reviews will fall into two categories:

  • Items Bought by a Monkey
  • Items Donated for a Monkey to Review

Will Donated Items Get Favorable Reviews?

While that may be expectation on some sites, here at anything donated is fair game. If we love it, we will gladly sing your praises, if we hate it you are just going to have to take your lumps and accept our opinion. If you don’t like them apples, don’t send us something to review. Easy fix.

In addition:

  • Items donated for review will not be returned, they will either be kept by the Monkey doing the review or donated to a charity at the review Monkey’s discretion.
  • We are busy, have jobs and families and don’t have time to be running to UPS all the time. If you have something really expensive you want us to review and can provide paid return shipping, email us and was can talk.

A Note About Monetization

We don’t know about you, but we hate websites with advertisements plastered all over the place, with pop-ups, with cookies and other distractions that make viewing the page a royal pain in the ass. None of the monkeys doing reviews here do this for their full time jobs. They are all volunteers, they are not paid, the only kudos they get is to keep the item they review which seems like a small token for the time and effort put into putting a review together.

So we asked ourselves? What would monetizing bring us? Likely nothing but self-hate. It is highly unlikely that it would bring us at most a few bucks a month, so why do it? So they will not exist on this site. In the future we may set up a way for people to donated money in appreciation if there is an interest from the communty.

Hosting / Authoring is hosted on Github and uses Jekyll to generate static pages. Posts are submitted through github commits. Since this site uses jekyll-archives the Monkey in Chief runs the local build and uploads to the docs folder on the repo. There is no magic here, if you want to see the code the repo is located here.


People wishing to drop us a line, or organizations looking to donate items for an unbiased review can email us at:

Older Coffee Content

You may notice that there is a fair amount of older posts here that deal with coffee. Years ago we ran a coffee themed blog called Brotherhood of the Bean which was re-branded later as As we were sifting through the content of we decided to bring over some of the old reviews to this site and shutdown the old ones. You see we appreached reviews on those sites in the same way that we approach them here, so rather than let them fade into oblivion we brought that over for your enjoyment.