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Swissgold KF4 Filter

Swissgold KF4 Filter

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You demand a lot out of your coffee and you accept only the best. You buy the freshest beans, have the best hardware that you can afford, use filtered water, natural paper filters, and thick ceramic mugs… wait, did you just say paper filters?

Paper filters, while very good at screening solids from your coffee also do an effective job of absorbing the natural fats that are released during the coffee brewing process.

Fat adds flavor, and coffee is no exception. Permanent Gold Filters are an excellent way to avoid fat absorption as well as any additive tastes that paper filters can on occasion add to your pot of coffee.

Most gold filters look like they are made of a fine mesh screen. They let fat through and screen as much solid material as possible while not affecting the taste of the coffee.

This sounds like the perfect alternative to your paper filter woes, and trust me — It is. But what if you are the kind of coffee drink like me who likes their coffee to drink more like a meal?

If you want a thicker, less strained coffee, the Swissgold KF4 Gold filter may be just what you are looking for.

Swissgold coffee filters are made with a filter foil that has been manufactured by a very precise process called — Electro-Forming. Put simply (according to Wikipedia):

…More simply, a metal skin is built up on a metal surface, or any surface that has been rendered electro-conductive through the application of a paint that contains metal particles. Essentially, a metal part is fabricated from the plating itself.

Wow, if that isn’t a mouthful, I don’t know what is! The result of this process is a metal foil that feels like it is a finely woven metal. As its name suggests, the Swissgold KF4 filter is plated with 23 carat gold and is dishwasher safe.

The filter is sized to work with most drip coffee makers. I highly encourage you to try out one of these filters in the store in your coffee maker model. I say this because there are subtle differences in coffee machine design, and not all after-market filters will fit the same.

That being said, the Swissgold KF4 filter includes a larger snap on ring that gives the filter a larger diameter opening which should enable this filter to work in most machines.

I have found this filter to work well and be of the highest degree of craftsmanship. Retailing for less than $20, the Swissgold KF4 filter is a worthwhile investment.

Something to be noted, this filter is designed to work with medium grind coffee (Swissgold Recommendation). Grind too fine and you will get a lot more coffee in your coffee… Literally!

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