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Into the Spiderverse

Into the Spiderverse

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Wow, what can I say other than this movie is a pure treat to watch. As a long time Spiderman fan, someone who grew up in the 1970’s watching the original Spiderman cartoon, watching the terrible live action Spiderman movies that were on TV, and all of the various later renditions with Toby and others, you would think I would have been first in line for this animated movie?

To be honest, I almost didn’t go. Don’t get me wrong, he is still one of my favorite superheros, but after all of the earlier renditions, a person starts to wonder if the latest movie will actually bring something to the table or if it will just be another cookie cutter repeat. At $9+ bucks a ticket these days, that is a valid question to ask.

But I knew I would have some free time today, and I knew my son wanted to go see it (17) and figured he would go want to go with his friends as boys that age tend to want to do, but he was up for going to see it with his old man, so we went.

No Spoilers Will be Revealed

Just want to put that out there, I’m not going to talk about the plot, give you a run down minute by minute. I went into this movie knowing it was animated and that there was going to be Nicholas Cage in it and that there was going to be more that one Spiderman. That was about it, and I have to say I am glad I didn’t know more, not because it would have ruined the movie, but I like coming into a movie fresh.

Amazing Visual Style

As an animated feature film, I could tell from the opening credits and score that this movie was going to be different. The visual styles were fresh, explosive even, the audio assails you in a good way, and the way they characters were rendered gave you the feeling of a comic book but also a more traditional anime movie.

This continues throughout the movie and made this feel like something completely new. Even the various villains and supporting characters take on new twists and subtle changes in a way that makes them feel completely new and exciting. The experience that I expected to be mildly entertained had me on my seat during many parts of the movie.

Great Story

As amazing as the visuals and sound were, a movie with a poor excuse of a story will not stand the test of time. Granted this is a superhero movie and isn’t ever going to be a Casablanca or Gone With the Wind, I am going to going to say that it is the best Spiderman movie to date, with Spiderman: Homecoming a close second. And while a lot of movies are as good at home as they are in the theater, I definitely recommend that you go see this in the theater where you can get the full audio and visual impact.

Nicholas Cage

Last thing I am going to say, Nicholas Cage did a fantastic job. He often gets a bad wrap for his acting (sometimes for good reason), but I’ve been a fan since Raising Arizona and I thought he did a great job voice acting in this movie.

That’s all I have for now, thanks for reading!

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